How are you going to sell more liquor this year?

What We Do

blended is a team of business strategists, liquor industry experts, sales executives, marketing specialists, and creative superstars. We work directly with BC producers of wine, beer, cider and spirits – to help you sell more product, grow your reputation and make your business more profitable.

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Growth Solutions

There are many aspects to your business, but we focus on the 3 key growth areas: brand awareness, audience and sales. We create strategic plans, or growth solutions, specific to each. Into these solutions we pour our experience, our unique professional perspectives and our big ideas.

We then get to work on the deliverables. Our powerhouse team can deliver it all, from building on-Premise and LRS relationships through representation, to creating packaging that wins the shelf war or a high performance website that generates traffic, to managing product launches, increasing media buzz and designing all the sales tools. The goal is growth.


Brand Awareness

You’re actually not in the business of selling liquor: you’re selling an experience. That experience is what your brand is all about. You deliver it to your audience through your product, your packaging, your website, your tasting room – in fact every touchpoint.

blended will help you define that experience and make it a more dynamic driver of your reputation and your sales.

Here’s how we do it

Brand Awareness

To build your Brand Awareness Growth Strategy, we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current brand and analyze its performance against your business objectives and the competitive environment. If a stronger brand presence is indicated, we take you through our brand redevelopment process, which aims to develop a more compelling telling of your story to your audience, as well as align your team behind a stronger and more differentiated value proposition.

That may involve subtle or dramatic changes to your graphic look, and all the touchpoints that carry that look to the market: your website, packaging, social media channels, advertising, tradeshow displays, sales tools and more. Once these are in place, we create strategies to get new customers for your wines.

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  • Make your brand a key driver of your business and sales
  • Make your brand story more compelling
  • Use you story in more creative ways
  • Create consistency in how it’s communicated
  • Align your internal team behind the revised direction
  • Ensure all your sales channels are optimized and creating results
  • Market research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand evaluation, workshop and articulation
  • Evaluation of internal culture and opportunities
  • Marketing strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Website design and development
  • Photography
  • Video,
  • Promotions
  • PR
  • Event marketing
  • Social media
  • Search engine optimization


There are many audiences for your liquor. You have the stores and restaurants, the drinkers and the gift givers, the media and the bloggers. The blended team brings expertise in every area. We build the strategies specific to each audience, and create the tools to help you implement them.

Here’s how we do it


To build your Audience Growth Solution, we first identify your multiple audiences. We create profiles using syndicated media research and personalized industry surveys. These tell us the habits, behaviours, attitudes and media usage of your customers. We use these profiles to develop very specific tactics and target them with great precision.

Our recommendations might include getting your liquor onto more restaurant menus, activating a PR strategy, building out your distribution chain or creating a more effective presence in liquor stores. Whatever directions are indicated, our team brings first-rate industry expertise in all these areas and plenty more.

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  • Increase distribution and prominence of your wines
  • Identify your best customers and turn them into your marketers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Grow average spend per customer
  • Grow your customer base
  • Research and analysis
  • Scoping sessions
  • Database analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Outreach & education
  • Marketing plans
  • Customer profiling
  • Consumer research
  • Customer retention and acquisition strategies
  • Loyalty programs
  • Distribution strategy
  • Public relations
  • Retail strategies
  • Media planning
  • Sales Tools


A sales strategy focuses on creating success at the point of purchase. We’ll analyze your sales channels and make recommendations to improve their performance: online, on-premise, in liquor stores, in your tasting room and at events. To close the sales loop, blended can connect you with effective sales representation on the Island.

Here’s how we do it


Your product is years or months in the making. It grows, ferments, and touches many skilled hands along the way. Selling it should follow suit.

We will work with you to determine the right strategy to meet your sales goals. We bring talent and insight to the task, utilizing brand building, sales channel analysis, staff tastings, in-store consumer tastings, wine list consultation, marketing tactics, event participation – all the tools of a successful sales strategy.

Find out how blended can help you sell more liquor.

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  • Goals
  • Create immediate wins
  • Overcome hurdles and identify opportunities
  • Meet and exceed sales targets
  • Improve your financial performance and cash flow
  • Expand your distribution and sales channels
  • Map out a short and long term strategy for success
  • Methods
  • Analyze sales channels
  • Create point of sale/promotional materials that drive results
  • Offer highly personalized service, focused attention, backed by a team of industry experts
  • Wine list consultation and food & wine pairings
  • In-store marketing strategies
  • Merchandising and displays, limited time offers
  •  Skills
  • Business Planning & Business Development
  • Contract Management
  • Sales & Promotion Strategy
  • Event Wrangling
  • Retail Merchandising

How We Work

Many liquor producers are family businesses, or small partnerships. Out of necessity, you spread your time, attention and resources managing channels you aren’t necessarily an expert in: sales, marketing, web, PR. Does this sound familiar? To get real traction for your products in the market, you need to have expertise at every point along the path. That’s what blended brings.

We act as your business, sales, branding and marketing support team, and can work directly with contractors, reps, agents and media. You tell us where you need the help…and we go to work.

A typical liquor producer at work

You drive all the initiatives and manage the relationships.

& Packaging
& Photos
The Product
The Facility
Sales Support

A liquor producer working with blended

You do what you do best and retain our expertise to look after the stuff you’d rather not.


Who is blended

Everyone on the blended team is a respected expert in their field. We work collaboratively to identify strategies that will grow your business, and then apply our individual talents to make things happen.

Russ Mounsey Partner, Business & Finance

With a background in corporate and personal debt restructuring, Russ is instinctively focused on the alignment of objectives and resources.

Doug Brown Partner, Branding & Advertising

Doug focuses on the consumer end of your business, strengthening your brand and creating strategies that attract new customers and build your reputation.

Sharon McLean Industry Strategist - Wine

Sharon is a certified sommelier, a 2nd year Masters of Wine candidate and a corporate strategic consultant. She understands the grapes and the business.

Neil Tran Design/Web Guru

Neil is a leader in the field of branding and web design. He brings to your project the broadest possible set of graphic and web design competencies.

Juhli Selby Social Media Strategist

Juhli has educated hundreds of professionals and small business owners about how to use social media strategically to connect with their audience and boost sales.

Mike Boyle Industry Strategist – Bars & Restaurants

A level-2 Sommelier with a 5-year stint as the manager of Victoria’s Bard & Banker pub, Mike brings a ton of practical and procedural on-premise experience.

Steve Hutchison Media Strategist

Steve is an acknowledged expert in researching and planning media buys to maximize value and reach. He will be a shrewd negotiator of media rates on your behalf too.

Derek Ford Photographer

Derek is a master of visual storytelling. He creates engaging imagery and striking portraiture on even the most challenging assignments.

Christine Gleed Public Relations Strategist

Christine uses her PR expertise and media connections to find interesting angles to your stories and share them via highly targeted communications.

Trisha Lees Reputation Strategist

Trisha is a reputation builder. She helps businesses break through to new levels of awareness through creatively planned and executed PR and marketing strategies.

Matt Schmitz Industry Strategist – Craft Beer

As the founder of, Matt has impressive knowledge of the BC craft beer scene. He writes about it, photographs it and even drinks the stuff.

Megan Munro Graphic Designer

Megan combines skills in corporate ID, advertising and web design with an intuitive design aesthetic and an impressive work ethic.

Gord Carson Director, Film & Video

Gord is an acclaimed commercial director who puts his heart and soul into telling stories that stick. He just wrapped up shooting Timber Kings for The Discovery Channel.

Danny Prew Graphic Designer

Since graduating from the Pacific Design Academy in 2011, Danny has applied his fresh, urban design sensibility to businesses across the country.

Kim Lawton Marketing Strategist

Kim is an Okanagan-based marketing, communications and PR specialist with plenty of hands-on experience working with BC liquor producers.

David Feys Events Specialist

Whether an intimate dinner party for 10 or a national convention for 500, David has the experience and attention to detail to make the event a success.