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Branding a new BC craft cidery.

May, 2016Honey crisp apples


Scenic Road Cider Co. is the new kid in town in the exploding craft cider market. The Kelowna-based company is a partnership between the Sebastians, and the Johals, long-time friends and cider lovers.

The couples decided to take a detour from their more corporate occupations (a pilot, a court reporter, a tech entrepreneur and a pharmacist) and build something together.

Blended was brought in early in the business development. We were tasked with helping the cidery determine product & branding strategies, as well as developing a name, a logo and labels for their dry English-style ciders – two for the launch: a dry and a semi-dry.


After a process of name investigation, the partners decided to adopt Scenic Road Cider Co. as the name of the new business. And there were two compelling reasons to do so:

  • They were embarking on a journey together, a detour from the mainstream. The name represented that perfectly.
  • The road heading towards the farm is called Scenic Road.

For the logo development, Blended turned to the designers at St. Bernadine in Vancouver. Their interpretation of the name (4 stacked road signs) represented the 4 partners, and it visualized their philosophy that everyone has their own scenic road to discover.

Scenic Road cider logo

Here is the logo applied to brushed-steel in the cidery’s new production facility and tasting room, located in their orchard’s original 1930’s packinghouse.

brushed steel cidery logo Kelowna cidery tasting room



Taking the scenic road is all about slowing down and paying attention to the details. So we needed labels that offered details. Easter eggs… little discoveries. St. B’s early designs established the direction: we would create scenic roads, one for a dry cider and another for a semi-dry, and populate them with them with authentic – and occasionally fantastical – slice-of-life details from the Okanagan. Attention was given to brand presence on the label.  Logo view-ability, even behind frosted fridge windows, was essential.

label sketches Scenic Road Cider Scenic Road label sketch

Hot Vancouver illustrator Tom Froese was engaged to bring his casual lines and characteristic whimsy to the execution of the scenic roads. His illustration work below for River Rock spoke to us.

Tom Froese illustration

Tom mapped out some ideas…

Tom Froese illustration planning


…then delivered his sketches. The scenic roads were designed to flow from one to the other, each picking up where the other left off: an endless (limited by the number of ciders!) and unbroken landscape of scenic roads.

Scenic Road label design Dry Semi dry cider label

All that remained was to add the Scenic Road story to the labels, and bring the illustrations to life.

The label strategy was to offer a dominant colour to each label for easy identification: “I’ll have the green one!”

Hence, Green apple orchard scenic road for Dry…

final label BC dry cider


…and Blue Okanagan Lake scenic road for Nearly Dry.

BC semi dry cider label


500 mL brown bottles were used – something of an emerging norm among cider producers.

BC cider labels Scenic Road


We did up some snappy business cards, each icon selected by the partner. Naturally the pilot chose the plane!

BC Cidery business cards branding

Tasting reports on the first batches of cider are glowing and the Scenic Road partners have been busy bottling, labeling and getting the cidery ready for a June launch.

The development of the website is in progress. Meanwhile you can contact them through their Facebook page and find out where you’ll be able to soon buy these refined and tasty journeys into the English-style cider market.




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