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Rebranding Gold Hill Winery, Part 1

December, 2015Gold Hill Winery OKanagan

Okanagan winery Gold Hill recently asked us to help focus their brand and take it up to the level of their award-winning wines.

Blended took the owners (the Gill family) through a branding workshop which resulted in a clear strategic direction for the winery, the unveiling of which begins this week with the launch of their new website.


Part of that strategic direction meant more fully embracing the gold in their name. Their grapes were already the gold standard in the Okanagan; their wines were winning gold awards (Double Gold at the 2014 Canadian Wine Awards);  they were situated along the Golden Mile, indeed named for it. Everything pointed to gold.

Their tasting room was a strong and very visible asset and we recommended they bring that into their branding to tie all the elements together.


New label designs for their 6 reds and 2 whites began as soon as the strategy was agreed. We turned to the cheerful folks at St. Bernadine for the labels, as we did for Lighthouse Brewery last year. Although the labels were finished first,  they can’t be revealed until the summer of 2016, when the new vintages are introduced. Yes, it’s killing us too! We can’t wait to see them on the shelves.

Until then, we can give you a hint at how they look by introducing Gold Hill’s new logo, which features prominently on the new labels. The gold will be presented in foil.


Gold Hill Winery logo

The new website was designed and developed by our friends at Leap XD, delivering a clean yet decadent site that perfectly amplifies the brand strategy and makes the winery shine. Designer Simon Robinson and and developer Jake Ketchesen, take a bow.

Leap site developer Jake "Lil' Jakey" Ketcheson prepares to enter the launch code

Site developer Jake “Lil’ Jakey” Ketcheson enters the launch code.

Here’s a look at the previous site:

Gold Hill Winery older website


Gold Hill Winery old website page


Gld Hill Cabernet Merlot


And here’s the new Gold Hill site:

Gold Hill Winery website homepage Gold Hill winery wine bottles Gold Hill Winery website page

You can see the entire website here.

The wines themselves are the stars at Gold Hill and they were placed up front in the navigation so visitors could find them quickly and purchase them easily. The integrated online store makes buying a better experience for the customer and the winery.

Derek Ford’s gold-dusted photos, which feature throughout the site, beautifully capture the magic of Gold Hill.

Derek Ford photographer

Photographer Derek Ford catching the morning light on Gold Hill

We were shooting the winery a few days after the big summer fires.  Given Gold Hill’s tweet below, you can imagine they were feeling very relieved that the fires had moved off.

Gold Hill Winery twitter

Blended wrapped up the first half of the Gold Hill rebrand with new business cards for the Gills and new sell sheets for the wines.

gold foil on business cards Sell sheet chardonnay gold hillGold Hill Winery sell sheets


Thank you to the Gill Family for a fantastic experience. We can’t wait to share the new labels in the spring.

Gurbachan Gill Sant Gill Navi Gill

Sant, Gurbachan and Navi Gill on the slopes of Gold Hill.




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