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Sage Hills Winery Goes Beyond Organic

November, 2015

Last week, the final piece in our sales tools upgrade for Summerland winery Sage Hills – namely their website – went live.

We sought to take the experience of the website to the level of the Thrussell family’s wines and stunning winery. Just look at this place:

Sage Hills Summerland


Of course we wanted to tell their story, about how Rick and his family developed their business with Salmon Safe certification in mind. That was pretty remarkable. We felt they had gone beyond organic and made the extra effort to do the right thing.

Naturally we also wanted to showcase their wines, because the winery is generating buzz beyond BC, and it’s owing to those incredible wines. That buzz is driving people to the Sage Hills site, so access to the wines needed to be immediate and the ordering process buttoned-down.

Here’s a look at their old site…

Old Sage Hills website page Old Sage Hills website wine page


…and here is where they are today.

Sage Hills beyond organic Sage Hills current vintages Summerland tasting room


To check out the entire website, please click here.

Simon Robinson and our friends at Leap XD knocked the site design solidly out of the park on their first swing.

Photographer Derek Ford hit the road with us to capture the beauty of Sage Hills for the site. We were given a breathtaking day in Summerland to work with.

Sage Hills photo shoot


Blended also produced new promotional materials, tasting notes and sell sheets.

Blended Agency sell sheets


“I’ve enjoyed the creative insight and focus that Blended has brought to the table,” commented Head Weed Picker Rick. “They’ve provided a very positive and directed branding for our wine.”

Thank you Rick! For that and for the great opportunity. Love your wines.




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